Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hunting Season and New Eatery in Rangeley

Well hunting season is in full swing and the moose season was a success. Joe Kruse owner of Lake Parlin Lodge and Cabins, (your snowmobile destination in the North Woods) guided a sport during the second season in October to a 50 inch bull weighing 716 lbs dressed and fellow guide Erik Frigon's sport brought down a 55 inch bull weighing 822 lbs. If you are hunting the North Woods are in need of a guide, look up Joe and Erik. Lake Parlin Lodge and Cabins are first class.
Deer season has started off well although we are not seeing many large deer taken. Bethel Bait and Tackle has checked in 36 deer to date the largest being 204 LBS dressed. Five others in the 180-196 LB area and the rest smaller. Considering the tough winters we have had it appears the herd is coming back.
Those of you going up to Rangeley will be excited to hear there is a new Chef in town. Randy Belanger is renovating a new restaurant called the 45th Parallel.....American BBQ. He is opening on December 9th, so stop in and welcome him to Rangeley. I can assure you, you'll have a great meal. Randy is from Northern Maine, however he has been a Chef all over the world, his coming home is a score for all of us. Good Luck Randy, Lynn and I will be sure to stop in.